About fliphysics

Lost? Can't find your way through the daunting amount of physics content on the web? Let me do the hard work for you! I have came across many great resources that can be found all in one place, here!

About Teaching


The one stop shop for all things related to the courses I am teaching this term.

About Learn


Struggling with certain physics topics?  There are some fantastic educators out there, providing free content via youtube videos, lecture notes and more.  No longer will you have to sort through lower quality resources, here you will find links to the best of the best related to your topic of interest.

About 3-D Physics


Demonstrations, labs, and experiments do not need to cost an arm and a leg.  With some creativity you can construct your own learning tools with the aid of a 3-D printer.  Here you can find physics related 3-D prints to help you explore the world of physics.