PH201 (Winter 2017)

Welcome to my PH201 homepage!  This is an algebra based physics course covering the following topics:

  • General math foundation
    • Units;  Unit conversion;  Algebra, Trig;  Dimensional analysis;  Vectors

  • Kinematics
    • Graphical analysis;  1-D;  2-D;  Projectile motion

  • Forces
    • Newton's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd law;  Free Body Diagrams;  Friction;  Inclined planes;  Coupled systems;  Mechanical Advantage;  Uniform Circular Motion

  • Rotational Mechanics
    • Rotational kinematics;  Statics and dynamics;  Angular momentum;  Rotational energy

  • Momentum
    • Impulse;  Conservation of Momentum

  • Energy

    • Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem;  Potential Energies;  Conservation of Energy